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Monday, December 31, 2012

A year ahead.

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
Helen Keller

I always liked Helen Keller. 

I do agree with this quote and as I look towards my goals and begin to flush out my calendar for the new year I am encouraged and reminded of this. Success and happiness. Not always the same, but always a part of the plan. Happiness and joy, to shield and comfort against trials and difficulties. 

While I don't make new year resolutions. I do try to refresh my goals, set a new calendar and plan my business year out each January. I find that if you don't set goals, and make a plan you tend to always be fumbling around missing deadlines, and forever behind. 

So to that end I thought I would share with you some of my goals for this blog. What you can expect to see and some things I am currently working on! Perhaps this will help you keep me all "on track" and hold me accountable for creating some more successful posts!

January: Time to Click series. This will bring you several posts with tips and suggestions for new camera owners, there will be plenty for the experienced or every day user as well. But we will be starting this year with some basics to build upon over the next year! Depending on feedback and subject content once it is all finished this series might continue into Feb or March.<in progress, please let me know now if you have suggestions for topics!>

February: To go along with the romance of the season, I plan on bringing some great tips for finding, interviewing and hiring a wedding photographer. I will also touch on some guidelines, contacts, expectations and general etiquette. <in progress, please let me know now if you have suggestions for topics!>

March and April: I am not sure it will be any sort of series, but this is a good time to cover some outdoor photography topics, macro, and possibly some family ideas. I will probably take this time to push forward and build on skills such as aperture and lens options since it goes so well with outdoor and macro topics.
May: I want to do a Mothers Day "something" perhaps this will be a good time for a guest giveaway, and end of the school year photography sessions and tips. Maybe, Road Tripping series?

June/ July: Will be tips for finding a family photographer, high school senior images, and more on posing and such for those shooting themselves.

August: Back to school

September/ October: Family portraits and sports photography. More advanced lens, shutter speed and manual trainings... perhaps additional flash if it hasn't yet been done.

November/ December: Holiday, Food, and seasonal photography.

You can also count on more Tuesday Tips, which will not always go with the topics of the month, and will remain a chance for me to get technical in response to your questions. As well as more product photography tips for everyone, and hopefully more crafts and food posts. As always, there will be plenty of current topics when PMA happens, and as new camera's and products are released!

I am also looking forward to bringing in some guest posters, not all photography related, and getting back to offering more reviews of photography outings and events. If your interested in doing some guest posting with me this year - please let me know! 

Well there you have it... a year ahead.. some plans made and I have updated my calendar with these goals so I can work on them ahead of time! I hope to, like in my business, stay ahead by a season (or a topic, here) so you are never without new content. This will make it easier also for me to simply add in current events and thoughts as they strike me rather then spending all my scheduled blogging time on the lengthy technical posts. 


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