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Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Fun Gifts for the Camera Lover

I know... here I was all relaxed into the holiday season and really staying up on my posts and BAM! Gone for almost 2 weeks! Crazy! I am sorry for that, we had an unexpected turn of events in our family and it has taken a while to get back to business as usual.

That being said... I had begun this post prior to the chaos and wanted to finish it up so it might be helpful to those of you who are / or have a camera lover in your life! I hope you enjoy!

I began my camera "crazy" early on, I remember taking photos secretly with my moms camera, and even remembered loving using a little 110 camera to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on a class field trip. Please don't tell me if you don't know what that is... you will only make me feel old! A few years ago my Grandfather (now 103) gave me a camera he used when my mom was growing up. It must be in my blood because he has a closet full of slides and photos! With that funky old camera, which now is showcased as the header image on this blog, began my love of camera funk! Pinterest has made it easy to not feel the need to purchase each item as soon as I find it... so I pulled out some of my fav's along with some tech gifts for the camera lover. All of these are things I know I would enjoy, or I am currently enjoying! I hope they inspire you!

The lens mug! These come in  Nikon and Cannon... I haven't seen others yet. It would be best to have the mug be the same as the preferred camera manufacture... well because otherwise it would be like giving a case of pepsi to a coke drinker...

I have recently fell in love with this print style... and LOVE that Motivate Clothing Co offers both the print and the image on a Tshirt!
Vintage Camera Print http://nvy.gd/Pb9YVX

Find a designer strap, or strap cover for them!Be sure to make sure it will fit the strap they use, or purchase one for them! I know I am partial to my strap because of the curve to it, so my cover will have to be custom made!

This one by  The Orange Bird, is great with a lens cap holder!

And here is one for the smaller cameras: from grama-carol-s-creations on Storenvy

This one a LOVE! I have a version of this bag in a different pattern, and Aubrey does a GREAT job with the stitching and pattern!  Retro Camera Clutch by Aubrey Plays

And, since I gave you two strap ideas... here is a bonus...from crumpler.com
Turn any purse into a camera bag with this great insert... ok not "every purse" but any style large bag/purse!

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    PS I will be following your tips - I really need to improve my food photography. I have just bought a Canon Mirrorless and a 5 way reflector and a white foamboard so that is a start.