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Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok.

I have been following several bloggers that post on this link up- and I always LOVE the posts! So I decided I would start as well. It seems like a great place to dump all your thoughts and walk away...

It's ok...

That we stayed in our pj's all day yesterday.

That I still haven't picked up envelopes much less addressed them and mailed our cards this year.

That I slept in till 8 this morning

That I want to stay in my pj's again all day.

That I finished all 27 books by a new author I found, and each time I felt a little jipped by the story, ending, or the both.

It's ok that I would still read more by that author still knowing it wouldn't be "quite" what I want out of a book.

It's ok that I let my kid play on the computer for hours at a time over Winter break.

It's ok that we just made plans last night to keep my child in private school for up to the next 2 years. Despite the cost.

It's ok that I still have to ask for help.


  1. Your card situation is just like mine...they are just sitting in the post office box waiting for me to go and mail them...grrr. I love taking photos as well...following from the blog hop:)

  2. HI! visiting from GYB link party and following on GFC and twitter