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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Family Portraits

Summer. The ultimate time to get outside, and focus on family fun! Many people take vacations, and attend family reunions, go to weddings... its all part of the Family Photo Season!

Today, I wanted to give you a couple "out of the box" tips for capturing those family moments, without setting up a big "to-do" or stressing yourself out! You can add a lot to your basic snapshot by following a just 2 basic photography guidelines.

1. Learn some basic poses. If your taking group images, nothing ruins a good portrait like poor posing. It doesn't need to be any big deal! By utilizing this basic triangle you can successfully shoot 2 - 20 people in a snap!

The Stair, is created when one subjects eyes are in line with the others chin.

You can easily add people, by going from a single stair to a triangle.

Now you can add as many triangles to your image as you have people!

The key to this - is not to put anyone's head directly on top of someone else... you have to leave room to see part of their chest and shoulders! 

Tip: Keep children and babies in front, not only will this help you get their attention if they are close together, but it will also keep them from looking oddly small due to them being farther away!

Another classic pose is the: LINE
It doesn't get easier, just put everyone on the same line in front of you! 

2. Learn a couple easy rules of composition. These rules apply to all types of photography, and are common in all different types of art as well!
This shows you some guidelines for what's called "The Rule of Thirds" it simply states that 2/3's your image should be subject and a 1/3 dead space. (or vise versa). You see this a lot with off centered portraits, and landscapes like beach images where the horizon line will be the bottom 1/3 and the setting sun and sky will fill the top 2/3's!

Another MUST have in your bag of tricks is...

If your subject is wider then they are tall, shoot Horizontally.

 Taller then they are wide? Shoot Vertically!

I hope you put these super simple tricks to use this summer! Remember, it's more important to capture the moment... then to capture the moment perfectly. Relax and have FUN!

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