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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Crafty Gal

 It seems only fitting that I do a introduction to the woman behind Crafty Gal Creations. Pam has been a client of mine for so long, and I use her items as examples here all the time!

I first met Pam when she opened her business in 2010, she was looking for a product photographer who could "think out of the box". A typical white background... just not Pam's style. It was a natural fit! Pam looks for scenes and props to be used with her jewelry to really open up the imagination of her buyers. She feels that this really separates her from so many other shop owners. Pam also finds that she is picked up, and showcased in many treasuries on Etsy due to the more unique style of images she has!

Pam created her business because she was tired of department store, mass produced items. Pam found a passion in jewelry, so much so that before she knew it she had made over 100 items! She had to start selling. Today, Pam is so proud to have a shop where each and every customer feels like they are her only buyer. Pam exudes customer service and provides quality products at extremely competitive prices. While her store began as a hobby, it grew to be Pam's therapy. She finds herself the happiest when she is alone and quiet in her studio with her beads and stones. If she could do it for her sole income, she would!

Pam's best sellers are items with Earth's Natural stones in them, which is fitting because it is where her passion lies, she loves working with them. She does offer other items, and non natural stones, but that's not her focus. Combining the fact that she works with these Earth Natural stones, and that Pam only creates only one of a kind items creates an EXTREMELY special product, that she often refers to as her treasures. She jokes (at least I think she jokes) that she finds often finds it difficult to pass on something she has created because she loves each of them so much!

Recently, Pam has been making items with a little more "bling" in them. Since she has had many requests for these items. She is currently trying to have a few of these new items in her shop at all times to provide some variety.  I have to say I have LOVED seeing these in the studio! This one might be my newest favorite!

Pam finds inspration in many different places, including seeing a piece of jewelry on someone else. She often sees something and thinks... "If I made that, I would have______" and then she goes home and she creates it!  Other times, she is simply drawn to a particular stone, and she will make several different pieces to showcase it. 
Even though Pam and I have known each other for so long, and I see her items in my own studio every 6 weeks or so, I still learned a thing or two about her while gathering information for this post. Pam is one tough cookie! She is a retired Army veteran... and flew in a helicopter during combat training! THAT is no run-of-the-mill helicopter ride. From someone who has been afraid of flying for a large part of my life... simply getting into a helicopter is something I'm not sure I would want to do... combat training... pretty sure that includes some quick turns and ups and downs... no thank you! I am SUPER impressed by this! 

For my closing note, I DO realize that I showcased most of the items with close up, detailed shots, I did this because Pam has paid such amazing attention to detail and crafted each item with care and love.  I very much wanted you to see those details!! She offers necklaces, lanyards, earrings, bracelets, bookmarks and SO much more in her shop... I literally never know what to expect from her... but I know I always love each item! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Pam, shes a fantastic client and I consider her to be a good friend! She's stuck with my business even after she also moved away from the Denver area, and has always been supportive of my goals! Pam does offer sporadic sales AND FREE giveaways for her Facebook fans. All of her sales and promotions are announced via FB, so take a few moments and like, love, and share this fantastic shop owners social media and shop links!
www.craftygalcreations.etsy.com             http://pinterest.com/pamsjewels/         http://www.facebook.com/pages/CraftyGalCreations/128737910505845


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  2. Wow, I feel like a hero! Very nice blog. I am honored and humbled.

    Thanks for the kind words and for all that you do to make my treasures look amazing!

    Pam (CraftyGalCreations)