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Monday, May 27, 2013

A little gift.

I hope you all have been learning a lot during our product photography series! As you know, I've been busy in the studio myself! I have had SOOO much fun checking out the new designs, and products by so many different shop owners! I can't share many of them with you yet... sworn to secrecy and all that! I admit it's one of the more difficult parts of my job! I can't wait to share not only my images... but these products! Your going to LOVE them!

For now... I can tell you that when I opened the project the wonderful, and fantastic Melli from Melli's Trinkets and Melli's Yarn Works  it had this super awesome trinket inside... just for me! Not only super sweet, and thoughtful.. but super cute!

It came inside an adorable bag, along with a handwritten note... did I tell you I LOVE it when people take the time to write a note!

When I opened it up I discovered this charming anklet! PERFECT for swimsuit season... (really it's a  bracelet, but for me anklets are more fun, and this one will fit!!)

And it even sports the cutest little charm saying "made for you" I LOVE it!
By the way... this adorable item has "friends" found at Melli's shop you better place your order now!

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  1. What a beautiful bracelet! I love all my jewelry from Melli! She's stellar!