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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Bow For Mama and MORE!

First, let me introduce Shirley, from A Bow for Mama. Shirley makes amazing decorations and bows that are used for all occasions. Baby showers, weddings, holidays, etc. ABFM provides your home, business, or event with the beautiful decor it deserves!

Each of her bows are handmade, they are packaged and shipped with LOVE and CARE, so that they arrive to you fluffed and beautiful! When Shirley contacted me and asked if I would take her product images for a new "super secret" product line! I almost died! I LOVE a good secret! I was fall out of my chair excited!!!!

 I received her boxes of goodies, and I could hardly wait to open them! I had an "idea" of what was inside, but to put my hands on these little gems - AMAZING!

As I unpacked the box, I was very impressed with the time Shirley had put in to separate the bows, and make sure they all floated so nothing got squished. While I did fluff a few as I was styling for her images, I didn't really "need" to! They arrived beautifully!  Now, these are not her regular bows... no this is something TOTALLY new for her! I am so excited that I finally get to share them with you! It was SO hard keeping this a secret!

These little prizes are her message board bows... or as I like to call them Little Bits from Heaven! They have 2 clips, one on the back and a smaller one on the front. I found SO many uses for them around the office as I was creating her "in use" images.

 On my pencil holder - perfect for holding reminder sticky notes or business cards I need to update in my client list...

Clipping recipe cards, or marking pages in my book.... 

As a housewarming, birthday or any celebration gift! It adds just the right bit of glam, who needs a bag! PLUS this is RE-USEABLE so the person receiving it can use it around their house again! I LOVE THAT!

I love the extra touch on top of gift boxes and bags... since they clip to message boards and can be ordered with magnets for magnet boards they make AWESOME additions to teacher gifts!

OH! Not to be outdone... but I found the BEST use for these babies! Clip them onto your napkin rings to hold a place card... TAKE THAT SANDRA LEE! Oh, and by the way.. you can stock up on the Eco-friendly napkin rings shown here... that's right with A Bow For Mama also! This makes the perfect gathering a little more special! Each guest can take the bow home with them, or you can use them yourself over and over!

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  1. the photos are beautiful as always!! A Bow for Mama has such fun stuff!!