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Friday, May 17, 2013

Feature: Yarn Mama

 I was really surprised when I sent out the call for prize donations that Jessica from Yarn Mama, who I didn't know at all jumped on board! She was SO sweet in offering - not one little hat... but 3.. CUSTOM hats! That was awesome!

I have had a chance to get to know her a little better and I would love for you to have that same opportunity! 

Jessica has just opened her shop on Storenvy this year. After having so many people asking her, and her family where they had purchased the items they were wearing! It turned out to be much easier to hand them a business card, with her website then to explain over and over how she had made it and then write down or tell them all the information! (I've been there!)

Jessica prides herself on making 100% handmade items, and she doesn't put it in her store, sell it or ship it if it's not to her own personal standards and something she would be proud to let her own family wear! She LOVES spending her time crocheting and knitting since its her relaxing time as well as well as her creative outlet. She thrives off of making the ideas in her head come into something that everyone can enjoy!

Jessica draws inspiration from just about everything, ideas seem to just pop into her head all the time! Her husband and son also do a great job of offering their suggestions! 

While her business is new, and exciting Jessica is most proud of the fact that even though she was a young mom, she has been able to make a great life for her son who is becoming a wonderful young man. I often say my biggest accomplishment in life is my daughter as well! 

So welcome Yarn Mama to my little world! Be sure to check out her products and maybe find something new for yourself or a loved one along the way! Here are all the links you need!

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