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Friday, April 12, 2013

What Clients Say: Streeter & Co

April Showers bring more then May Flowers! This month I am  super excited to add this segment to my blog! 

I hope to share with you, a clients perspective on my services, or tips and solutions from them during this segment and let this continue as a guest blogging option for you all to "put in your two cents".  If your interested in creating a post, please contact me! I would love to hear what you have to say!

So now, I will be turning it over to Kristina at Streeter & CO for our First "What Clients Say" post!

"I used to be guilty of what I like to call the "Jack of All Trades Syndrome". I was always the business owner that wanted to do everything myself, if for no other reason that I wasn't willing to invest the time or the money into having someone else do things for me instead. Did you notice I used "used to be" in that first sentence? That's because I learned the value of having my items shot professionally.

Although I know my photos were better than others I have seen around the handmade shop industry, heck lets me honest - even in small business images - we've all seen them, the grainy, unclear photos - mine weren't quite that bad, but they weren't the quality I needed.  As an online merchant I know that the photos are the one chance I get to grab the customers attention and want my product, low quality images won't help me achieve that one bit. Sure, I was getting return customers that had used my products in person ordering from my store but I wasn't having the sales that I hoped for from "new customers" - why? My product photography. The images I was shooting with my amateur skills and less than fabulous camera quality (or iPhone whichever was closest) wasn't doing my products justice. I needed a different solution.

Verte Photography was the solution to my problem and I never looked back. With Verte Photography I know my products are in the hands of a passionate, talented photographer.  Candy is so wonderful to work with and thrives on making the image look so wonderful that you would like to grab it off of the screen.  I have seen such a big difference in sales and page views. Customers are liking what they see and I know this not only by the sales but by the fabulous comments that I have received.

Not only does Verte Photo have a lifetime customer but I also refer every other shop owner I know to Candy. Why wouldn't I? A Shop with fabulous products needs nothing less than the best." - Kristina Streeter, Owner of Streeter & Company

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  1. I could not agree more! I'm 100% satisfied with my product photos from Verte Photography! And then some!