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Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's not every day

That I feel like big things are coming!

Today is that day though! I am crossing fingers and hoping for some great news to come to my families world. Without jinxing anything I am simply going to say that in order to prepare I am taking some steps to simplify my commitments to the blog and my business over the next month or so.

One of those changes you will notice will be an AWESOME giveaway in order to celebrate my birthday - but you can call it a Can-dy-Mayo (cinco de mayo) celebration or an early Mothers Day party! I'm not picky!

The giveaway will go live May 1st and run till May 5th - with my birthday right in the middle! (don't forget to send presents, just kidding!)

Also, over the course of May rather then doing hard hitting, and time consuming posts on photography like I have the past few months... I am going to limit myself to one or two solid tips and reminders each week. I would LOVE to host another Q&A post if you all have questions simply let me know!

In addition, you will note that each of my WONDERFUL shops and blogs who donated an item to the giveaway will be featured in some way. Some will be shop reviews, some in  teaching posts, some as guest posters... but all should be fantastic reads and I am really excited to share them with you!

As for the changes....
Don't panic!!!

Verte isn't going anywhere... well, I am not closing up shop or anything! I still will be here week after week blogging, and supporting business owners, and taking amazing photography for your business and personal needs! I do suggest if you are planning on having me do work for you in the month of May, that you book my time NOW!

Hopefully, I will have more to share with you soon! In the mean time... Keep on Clicking!

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