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Thursday, February 28, 2013

This and That

Welcome to this and that Thursday! I don't know that I have much to say this week...

Katie Did What

This week I spent a lot of time in the studio doing product shoots for a few clients, and it's very time consuming! That I managed to get some work done on next months teaching posts is super amazing! It probably has something to do with all the 4am morning! I guess I should re-read those and make sure I was forming whole sentences and such! I cant wait to share it with you all!

This week also saw us in the dr's office for an emergency eye exam since my kiddo was sent home with the teachers telling me she had pink eye... only to find out AFTER That her friend had been throwing dirt at her on the playground and thats when her eye started hurting, itching and became red... well. Duh! That's why we don't throw dirt!

This week I also made new buttons for my networking group WINNational

so I was inspired to make a few new ones for my site here as well!

That made me excited to spruce up mine here - even tho I have LOVED the texture ones - because its a nice organic element... it doesn't really fit with everything else right now... so I might work on that today if I can get my client designs and watermarking projects done early enough!

This week I also finally finished up my husbands art station in really what should be my desk... but you know sacrifice and all...

I custom built all the little paint shelves, gave extra small things storage with the white organizers above... and made a magnetic strip to hold paper clips and other small things he always has around his crafts... (ok... mini painting supplies, crafts after all not a very "manly" name for it).

So this week end I am back in the thrift stores searching for a few must have items for my office / studio area... hopefully I will be able to share those images soon!

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