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Thursday, February 7, 2013

This n That

I was recently introduced to This and That Thursday its a fun link-up party that you will find on my list of hops now..

Katie Did What

Now, on to "This and That"
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This is my coffee mug today, I love it! Go Green!

That: is how I get to enjoy my coffee this morning... I swear it was the best $5 I have ever spent (thanks to a $5 off discount at Walgreen's) It allows my child no matter how cranky to get her own milk... and by default cereal in the mornings so I don't have to get up every 5 mins.

This: I found in the store canned Barbeque Boiled Peanuts. I love Boiled Peanuts.

That: Are you kidding... BARBEQUE... CANNED.... I'm just going to say ewwwww!!!!


  1. What a cute mug!
    And boiled peanuts? I've never tasted this deliciousness you speak of!

    Thanks for linkin up!

    1. haha! Boiled peanuts are a southern thing... like a Georgia, SC southern... Paula Dean would say "there a kick in the pants" but there's no butter! Boiled Green Peanuts with loads of salt in the water... they have to be green which are hard to find I guess in most places... I had to have some shipped to me when I wanted to make them in CO. They taste like really salty beans, in a peanut way... I don't know... you should try them... like the kind sold on the side of the road... not the canned ones... Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ummm that milk dispenser thing is AMAZING. Like, best invention ever? Perhaps. Also, that mug is adorable! The French major in me is nerding out over it ;)

    Thanks for linking up :)


    1. I love my mug too! As you can see, Im a bit in love with France myself :) I received it as part of a mug swap :) it was PERFECT!

  3. okay that milk dispenser deal..way cool! It's at walgreens?

    1. Yep Walgreens :) In truth it does leave a bit of a mess you have to watch over enthusiastic kids and husbands with it.
      Also, you have to be sure to pour a glass before you put it in the jug... and then make sure it is sealed down tight. But for the extra peace of not getting up every 5 minutes to get more milk... It really is worth it! Here is the "as seen on" ad link: https://www.buymagictap.com

  4. Eek! What a cool milk dispenser! Thanks for sharing this and that Thursday!