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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Photoshoot: Reveal!

I had a BLAST writting my 10 days of Thoughtful photo series and I promised to reveal my own Holiday Card this year!

I also have been doing some guest posting around some blogs, and decided to challenge myself a bit. I didn't use any studio lighting, or equipment. In fact, I used a sheet from the resale store, and a "kit" lens that I had around! I also didn't use my background holder - I taped it to a wall, worked in my office (which didn't allow for much room to shoot), and I tried to use the tips that I specifically gave during that series!

This was TOUGH! I did use my bounce flash, with a white piece of foam core as a bounce which I hand held while shooting which was a tip from one of my lighting posts.

I picked our theme...

I picked our color pallet

I also came up with a fun take on what I wanted: Picked up some supplies... big brushes, paint, drop cloth to put under so paint didn't get on the wall or carpet, a sheet to paint on (that I am recycling into a fun new backdrop for my studio) and of course a new dress good for Thanksgiving this week also!

I set up the studio in the morning and then did a bath after lunch, so she could have new nail polish and pretty hair. (working without a time frame helped us a LOT)

I picked a day where this was ALL I had to do, no running to the store, no big dinner to cook... no other stress.

I even let her pick the first 2 outfits to shoot in, so she could have some fun playing "pop star" and "model"

Then I got her changed and broke out the paints!

I let her go to town!

I didn't pose

I turned on some music... and the paintbrushes became drum sticks...

We even changed the hair to take on her "rock" style.

and now... I can't choose!

Want to help?! Vote for which card you would use! Since most family/friends see photos of her often I don't mind sending the more artsy one with the paintbrush where her face is blurred. But I also love the other... it is just her! Crazy kid. So help me choose! Leave a comment and vote which one you like the most!

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