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Monday, November 19, 2012

5 days of Thankful: Day 1

So many people have committed to doing a full month on Facebook of things they are thankful for. It's really nice to see some real content, thoughtful and memorable posts... which we all know isn't the norm. I thought a nice way to follow up my 10 days of thoughtful photos (great holiday tips) would be 5 days of why I am thankful... very specifically  thankful for my business.

This week is so busy, for everyone.. I am sure. It always has been it always will be. School activities, extra cooking, cleaning, guests coming into town.. Today I am thankful that my business lets ME set the schedule. I can close the studio for a week, and life goes on. I no longer have to work nights and weekends to accommodate family portraits, unless I REALLY want to!

So universe thanks for letting me take time to shop while everyone else is at work, spend time at the "big feast" at school, and not have to stress over when I am going to get to go ice skating with the kiddo and enjoy the season! Thank you, Thank you!

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