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Friday, January 31, 2014

What's in the Studio, Friday?

Some days I find a fantastic new friend in the studio... some day's its an old one. Here is a behind the scenes peek at both that I had visiting this week!

 This is Ano (on-yo), our cat. She took on the job of photo assistant by claiming a spot under my worktable in the studio while I was working this week. In case your wondering... this is her "If you would stop dancing, I could get some sleep." cat face. This photo is fantastic proof that a 1.8 lens is your friend when all the lights in the room are off except one small model light, and your subject is under the table not on it.

This is Genie. She became a new studio employee this week helping out CONSIDERABLY acting as our resident model. My child didn't think it was "proper" to leave her naked when she was done working, so she found something out of the dress up bin for her. If the sparkles don't do you in the chimes will.

Don't forget next week were starting the Feb Photo challenge and the first week will be all about "Inspire" I can't wait!!!

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