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Friday, January 3, 2014

Pop the cork!

Today's image comes to you as part of a product shoot I did for A Bow for Mama, she makes the CUTEST bows to decorate your home, office and even gifts! This little pin bow is attached to a bottle of champagne that I often use as a prop in the studio.

Which brings us to today's VERTE TIP: Tell a story!

In product photography, you want to showcase the product, but adding a practical image such as a way for someone to use the item brings it to life! Using something simple like this bottle, tells a story in the image. It lets you see the product but it also lets you imagine what it could be used for! Celebrate a house warming, announce your engagement... Celebrate and leave your loved one with a little gift they can keep! How fun is that!!!


  1. Photos that tell a story draw me in and make me want to buy the product way more than a simple photo on a white background. I think those are great and have value but on product listings I think it's excellent to have one of each!

    1. You are completely right Kristina! I encourage my clients to do simple product shots that are detailed and close up, as well as a "styled image like that one above- It's all about reaching your target audience!