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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Product reflection

It's a two-fer day!! Here are two examples of how to achieve a reflection in your product photography. 
©Verte Photo / Product supplied by Melli's Trinkets /Melli's YarnWorks

The grey is a reflective background, it is a super gloss finish and when combined with proper lighting it captures a reflection of the product on it. For the home photographer you can achieve this on a white background by picking up a poster board at your local craft store that is a reusable dry erase board. It will be white - but that tends to be better for the home photographer to use due to lighting anyways :)

©Verte Photo / Product provided by Streeter Ltd now Studio1241
This image shows you an alternate way to achieve a reflective surface on any color of background. By using a sheet of plexiglass. You don't see the line on the background where the paper underneath the plexiglass rolls up to create the seamless look because of the aperture setting (shallow depth of field) This was shot at a F3.5 keeping my product sharp, and creating blur everywhere else. Since it is a solid surface you don't see the actual blur so it is not distracting to the image. It simply hides the plexiglass (scratches on it, and the line behind the product from where it stops and the paper continues)

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