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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I hope this finds each of you in good health and with loved ones!!!

Do you make resolutions? I normally don't, new business goals or family goals... sure... but I don't try to change something about myself. I find this year I am a bit more reflective upon my past and people who have effected my and shaped my life. So this year I do plan on being a bit more thankful for them and I hope to find ways to let them know how each of them mean to me!

This year on the blog you will continue to find great camera tips, product reviews and much more photography! In fact. I am committed to bringing you my version of a Photo a Day. 

I am not even going to try to lie to you and say I will be able to do a new photo every day this month! That's crazy! However, I am going to commit to a photo theme each week, that will be our topic of conversation and host new images as examples. I hope to tie in details about each photo, tips on how to capture similar images etc. Because lets face it.... Images are beautiful to look at, but its the lessons you can learn from them that you will remember 6 months from now!

This weeks theme? Can you guess? 

I will unveil it along with a great tip for you tomorrow! Until then rest, recover and keep shooting!

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