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Friday, August 10, 2012

The A-list

Drum Roll Please!

Announcing Verte Photos first award! This week we were recognized as a top business in the A-list found on The Streeters Ultd. Blog.

This is super wonderful not only do I think its super wonderful that my client thinks so much of her experiences and time with me that she would do this, but it comes with a huge stamp of approval and reality attached to it. I am so lucky to be able to do something I really love and enjoy!

If you haven't been to the Streeters blog, you should! She has it all there! I'm talking recipes, adventure, great business links... and oh yea lets not forget AWESOME hand crafted products!

My FAVORITE is the lip balm, natural and you can recycle the tins with her for refills! As an added bonus I accidentally left mine in the car when we first moved out to Houston... it was over 100 degrees for multiple days... a huge no no for any store bought lip gloss or color! Now, this melting everywhere lip balm issue happens to me ALL the time... I am miserable at remembering the little guys and taking them out of bags, pockets and whatnot. But did my Streeter lip balm fail and melt all over my minivan like the box of crayons I recently discovered in the back seat... NO! It wasn't melted.. sure it was a little softer then normal, but it wasn't messy, or sticky in the slightest!

But I digress... the real point is.. I/m super excited! I have my first official award for Verte Photography! What could be a better way to start of the weekend!

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