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Friday, August 10, 2012

A Chance to Win!

It's nice just to sit down and relax for a few minutes! I have been working in the studio, and office fairly non-stop for the past 2 weeks! In the office I have accomplished many of my "back office" tasks, such as creating this blog, and setting up the social media sites such as Facebook and twitter accounts! Linking everyone, and setting up my action plan for the next month! Whew! I'm exhausted! It seems I can work chasing kids, and adjusting lights all day... but sitting in front of the computer... boy that's hard work!

My next month wont be a quiet one, school starts, and we have a big shoot in Denver coming up! However, I am wanting to start doing some promotions and get the word out that I offer great prices on product photography with an Eco-friendly twist. In order to do that, and celebrate my past weeks accomplishments - I thought I would offer a fun contest!

How does $100 in Product Photography Services sound?

This means you can enter to win product photography for your small business, blog, or crafting site! 
with images like... 

Increase your sells! 
Showcase new items!

How do you win? You ask....

Start by liking our Facebook Page, Follow our blog, and Find us on Twitter!
For every one you like/find/follow you will be entered into our drawing at the end of the month.


Share this contest on Twitter and create some BUZZ! You can do this daily and really increase your chances!  Simply post the following
"@VertePhoto is awesome! Verte is giving away $100 in small product photography services and I want to WIN"

Extra rules:
Services include multiple images taken in studio of items provided, online secure preview, and small image direct download. Additional services like full resolution disk or thumb-drive, and/or custom shop watermarking on images may be provided or purchased at additional cost. This prize may be transferred if winner can not utilize for their product. 
Offer valid for small product photography only, such as hair clips, bows, jewelry, candles, clothing etc. This contest is good for any where in the US - as long as you have product small enough to ship safely. Shipping costs may not be covered. Contact me at vertephoto@gmail.com for any questions.


  1. Can't wait to see who wins! I hope it's me!!!!! You rock!

    1. I'm excited too!! It's a great way to get to know someones product and be able to improve their sales and overall image! I can't wait to see who wins!