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Monday, August 6, 2012

The First Steps

Setting up a new business is hard work! Luckily, this isn't my first rodeo! I have owned a successful photography studio and been a part of many other successful photography based businesses in my 20 year career.
Why am I starting clean?
My family and I recently moved to the Houston area, so I have taken this opportunity to rethink my views on photography, update my mindset on products and services that I want to provide and really focus on what I enjoy!
I have always had a soft spot for southern France, so when searching a new business name and focusing on the feeling and style I wanted to embody, I choose verte, french for green. When I think of France I think of the country side and rolling hills, simple and tasty  foods, and amazing quality and taste in fashion, and champagne! The best of life. This is what I want to provide to my clients. Simple, clean, tasteful, and high quality images with a focus on nature and Eco-friendly backgrounds, props and prints.
So this is where I start, with a website and a vision. I hope you will join me for my journey.

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