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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Packing Products

I work with a LOT of shop owners from out of town.. mostly because I am BRAND new to this town! I don't even have 90 days logged in yet! So, I had a new client ask me "How do I send you my items?" Well... here is the short answer. "Carefully!"

Ready for the long answer?

Typically, my clients use USPS services. Much of how you need to pack your items depends on how fragile they are. My client Pam, who ships jewelry to me from Craft Gal Creations in Chicago was nice enough to allow me some extra time with her products so I could put a small "how to" together for the more fragile items for you! (Thanks Pam! Everyone should check out her shop!)

Pam makes wonderful natural stone jewelry, along with some very fragile glass and beaded items.

She takes the time to pack her box with padding on all sides, extra tissue, or bubbles depending on what she has on hand.

She puts her items separated inside each box and padded inside with cotton fluff - I suggest on extra fragile items you put cotton (or other padding) on both top and bottom of the items.

Note: If you have items such as a necklace, wrapping it in paper or plastic between the cotton helps to keep the cleaning time down for me as those little tiny hard to see cotton snags around a bead suck to clean off! Sometimes even after cleaning items I don't see them till the lights and macro lens hit them!

The boxes help separate items - and the inside packing helps to keep them from breaking on the box. It also allows Pam to send me extra notes, or special requests on a items.

Obviously, not all items need to be sent with such care. T-shirts, hair bows, and other soft items such as crochet and knit items can simply be put into the box. I do always suggest that you inclose a packing list so I can verify how many items arrived from you.

I hope this serves as a nice quick reference guide for packing. If you don't already, I would like to encourage you to check out some green options for packing supplies. Re-using boxes, and other supplies! It's just the right thing to do!


  1. YAY! Nice blog, Candy! And I will be a customer for life. Your photos of my jewelry
    presents my shop as a much more professional business than if I tried to take the pictures myself.


    1. Thanks Pam! I'm thrilled you stopped by to visit the blog! I can't wait for the next box from you to arrive!

  2. Great tips here! It's so important that products get there safely! (I LOVE that watch!)

  3. I know - its not all about the branding in your packaging... but also getting it there safely! While I wrote this about sending items to me for product photography - it certainly helps to follow the same guidelines when shipping to a customer!