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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Senior Portraits

Summer is rolling around and for many of you that means.... 


Since I myself am all ready booking, I thought that I would make it easy, for my clients as well as my readers to get some great tips on what to wear, bring, etc to make your senior session a success! 

Today we will be talking about ideas for you, and general Senior Portrait suggestions! If you are having portraits with me... these are my recommendations! If you are having portraits done with another photographer, you should take these as general suggestions and talk them over with your photographer. Since each person uses different tools and creativity to produce your images they may have their own rules, guidelines or suggestions.

  1. Think about your location. Are you doing portraits indoors, or outdoors? 
  2. Think about your style. This is a session about YOU. Your clothes, accessories and make-up matter. Let them tell your story.
  3. Think about who your giving them to. Your grandmother loves you. She may not love seeing you dressed to go clubbing.

Personalize your session.

When you schedule your appointment, I will work with you to find the right locations. I have several "go to" locations, but I want your portraits to be a reflection of you.

Punk, skater, or rock and roll: Graffiti walls, brick, or more urban and edgy locations fit the bill.
More country or casual: Then we can look for a barn, hayloft, horses... railroad tracks, tall grasses and old fences. The more information you can provide during your consultation prior to scheduling the more I can offer personalized suggestions and options. 
Feminine, traditional or classic: Flowers, lakes, parks, green grass. 

BYOP: Bring your own Prop! Skateboard, football, ballet slippers, or an instrument. Bringing something that shares your interest helps tell your story!

What to bring:

Clothing Changes. I ask that you bring 3-5 clothing changes (if possible) to your session and even some extra accessories, shoes, and jackets or sweaters to change the look easily. I will then assist you on what will look best for your shape, coloring and setting.  The clothes will then be edited down to the best of the best!

When selecting outfits I recommend that you avoid large stripes and too many patterns.  Choose clothing that will best fit your shape and body style.   

You should always bring things that you love and fit your personality. However, I also suggest you bring at least one  “classic” look as well. If your a girl and you NEVER wear dresses... don't bring one. You will be uncomfortable, and it will show. Instead opt for a nice shirt or sweater, even a jacket that can be put on to create a "Grandparent friendly" or classic option! I understand that if you are a bold, trendy person it would look unnatural to put you in a baby pink button up! You can however do a solid color stylish cut shirt, in a bold color, or even a classic white with a showcase jewelry piece!

That being said I still love trendy, fashion statements... I love when someone has a unique look and really owns it. I just suggest you create a little balance, a compromise for just a few shots, and think about how your outfit will look hanging on Grandma's wall! I'm a parent, I have to say it!

 I suggest also that you think in layers, bringing along a few simple options like a jacket or sweatshirt that can be slipped on and off can help give you different looks, and be more suitable especially if your on location and walking around! 

Shoes. Don't forget different shoes... if your going formal, bring a formal pair of shoes... casual we can do bare feet, or sandals.... but be sure they are in good shape, and clean. I will do full body as well as close up images, so your feet and shoes will show!

Accessories: If your bringing jewelery, I suggest you pack it carefully so it doesn't break or get tangled. Bring it in a pouch or something that wont be lost easily! 

Makeup/Hair: For most clients I suggest you come with your hair and make-up already done. If you would like me to schedule a hair or make-up artist to do this for your prior to your session, that can be arranged however you will be responsible for covering the additional expense.  

Ladies should remember to bring extra lip gloss or lipstick, and powder to help with shine.

You should bring your own comb or brush, hairspray and small water bottle for location shoots. If we are in the studio, I will have plenty of these items around.

Tip: Verte Photography is not responsible for hair dissatisfaction since we are not familiar with your preferences, tolerances for styles, locks or strands. Retouching is done at the client's expense

WATER! While, again I have this in the studio, you should bring 2 or 3 times more water then you would normally drink when your outside. Being a model for a few hours really is HARD work, if your outside and walking around on location you will be thankful for the extra refreshment!

Bring your own Sherpa: I always recommend a friend or loved one come along with the senior. Not only can they help carry your items on location (because there is a lot!), but it sometimes helps you feel more comfortable to have a friend! They can help check your hair and remind you to fix make-up and things as well! While I am happy to help tote items, and always check your details... I do have my own pack of goods to tote and an extra set of eyes is always helpful! 

Verte Extras:
I offer my clients a portable changing room for location shoots. It isn't glamorous, or spacious but it does provide privacy in public areas. However, I do limit full clothing changes to 3 per hour session so that we don't spend all of our time changing clothes!

If you plan on adding a make-up or hair service contact me directly before you schedule your appointment. We will need to co-ordinate the services and times appropriately.

Typically an outdoor session is 1 hour, depending on location. Some locations may require more walking time to get from spot to spot. I never suggest a shoot last longer then 2 hours. I never limit my clients on a number of images. I shoot way more then you will ever need. Trust me.  

I offer all seniors a free digital yearbook image, or depending on the school 2 wallets. I ask each senior to bring, or email me the school information regarding portraits.

Verte also provides 1 free social media image, for each senior to share online with each package, and a 25% discount for a graduation session, that you can use for announcements or collage applications during the spring the following year.



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