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Monday, June 10, 2013

Melli's Trinkets, and more!

I have to tell you... I shoot a lot of different knit and crochet items... granted most are for babies... or are hair bows. However, I recently hooked up with my new client Melli from Melli's Yarn Works... and got a chance to work on her items so she could update her site. 
It always surprises me how different things are when you get a chance to hold them! Now that I have, I can't tell you enough wonderful things about Melli and her products!!! She is AMAZING! THOUGHTFUL (did you see what she sent me as a thank you gift?) and oh SO talented! Her quality and passion for providing your with great items totally comes through when you touch her products! I can only hope that with her updated images that you can see some of that detail and love that is stitched into each item! (for lack of a better pun) Plus, shes got 2 great stores for you to visit!

Besides totally gushing on Melli... I wanted YOU to get to know her as well! So, I sent a request for a little interview. You can read that "interview" below - I hope you enjoy!

  • When did you start your business?
I started my jewelry business in April of 2011. My loom knit business is more recent and I opened it in 2012 towards the end of the year.

  • Why, choose this for a business?
I've made jewelry since I can remember. And I've always been crafty! My jewelry hobby was starting to add up and the more complicated the pieces I just couldn't keep giving them away. So now my jewelry is affordable for everyone and a way to make sure I can get new supplies for more epic goodies! My loom knitting store has a similar story except I got my first looms for Christmas in 2011 (I did not receive them until March 2012 because of a delayed holiday). I loved using them and created my own patterns. Again, I could only give so much away before I had to find a way to get more supplies so Melli's Yarn Works was born!
Wonderful bracelet that was part of our Birthday Giveaway, from Melli's Trinkets

  • What's your "top seller"
My jewelry top seller is pearl dangle bracelets! For my Loom Knit items, it is a tie between hats and wrist warmers!
Those Awesome wrist warmers making an appearance in the studio!

  • What are you most proud of (business or personal)
I am so proud that I can have two stores, with two different item focuses. And go to school (college for a bachelor's degree in psychology), do homework AND be a mom and all this stuff :) I feel like I'm still finding my way to balance everything but when I look at all I do I'm like "wow I'm insane" lol!!

  • What advice would you give to a new business/shop owner
Keep trying. And don't give up. It takes a lot of effort and time. And branch out to other people! Get out there and connect. I have made AMAZING friends via twitter, facebook and other social media stuff. It's just epic how supportive they are!
An infinity scarf... check out that crazy consistency and soft texture!

  • What makes your products special?
I feel like I'm taking loom knitting to new places. Before my wrist warmer tutorial, I could not find anything even remotely close to it. I also figured out how to make character hats entirely out of looms with no crocheting/knitting! My jewelry is affordable, which is not something many can say. I use the best supplies and make sure to keep my costs low for everyone.

  • What new things do you have coming out?
Melli's Yarn Works has new slouchy berets in stock as well as messenger bags! For Melli's Trinkets, I just listed new items including dainty necklaces!

  • Why do you do what you do ?
It all started because my husband was deployed and I needed something to focus on. My son was not even a year old at the time and making jewelry was a nice thing I could do for myself. Now I have the two hobbies and I can loom knit at my desk while still interacting with my son.

Each item, packed in a fun little bag - seriously they are adorable to receive!

  • What is something few people know about you?
I am only 23 and a full time college student. I was in the Army for 2 years... and I met my hubby in Hawaii :)

  • What is the craziest (PG) thing you have ever done?
I would have to say joining the Army. It was an INSANE ride the entire time!

I find it a little funny, myself that I have had two wonderfully talented jewelry makers on the blog this month... both did "time" in the Army... both listed it as the most insane thing they have done in their lives!  If you want to experience Melli's items for yourself, and I highly recommend you do - visit her shops, or connect with her on her blog or twitter! Here are all the links you need!

Blog: http://mellistrinkets.blogspot.com/
Shops:  http://mellisyarnworks.storenvy.com
Twitter: @Mellistrinkets

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bracelet!!! I receive so many compliments on it! At times I wish I had more of her business cards to hand out. I'm a walking advertisement. Love her jewelery and hopefully soon can purchase a pair of wrist warmers...as they are beautiful!