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Friday, June 21, 2013

My Eco Move Tips

As many of you know I focus on Eco choices in my photography and lifestyle. I try to make as many good choices as I can, including recycling and conserving energy in the office and home. Today, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside our move, since that will be coming up in a few short weeks.

Several years ago I visited a store I used to work in to pick up some boxes to pack for an upcoming move. I knew they would have large boxes as well as small sturdy ones for all my books. I was super surprised when the Manager, and good friend told me that he could do one better. He hooked me up with the shipping crates that had been used several years earlier that where sitting in storage. Not just one or two...but like 20... WHOOHOO! This was an incredible find. These are TOUGH totes designed to carry weight and can be sealed with a zip tie if needed for security. I have used these totes ever since for all my kitchen appliances, dishes, and anything else that I wouldn't want damaged!

I have also picked up an amazing amount of every day totes. While I wish I would have found them second hand, having them all one size to stack easily and that I found them on clearance for $3 each was a blessing at the time. I have more then gotten my monies worth. I use them for kid storage, prop storage and other organizing as I need... and when it comes time to move.... I pack them up and snap on a lid. In most cases I don't need to even use tape.

Investing in totes is differently my number one tip for starting to think earth friendly when moving, but you can also use Craigslist or post on community boards in your area to pick up packing materials from someone else rather then purchasing them.

I also recommend saving your shreds from mail, to use as packing materials over newspaper. If you are going to use newspaper - or other tissue really try to get it from a recycle bin over purchasing just for that purpose. For many of my appliances I use towels, blankets or other clothing that I can pack early rather then using something else... I mean its all got to go in a box anyway right?

If your lucky enough to be getting a cleaning company to come in behind you - find an eco-friendly one! There are TONS of them out now, that use Earth friendly products! I love picking these up deals on living social for cleanings - its nice to have them in your back pocket even if your not moving!

Re-painting (the new place or the old) look for paints with low or zero VOC's like Benjamin Moore paints (and make sure the tinting used doesn't add them!)

Simple, little changes can make a big impact! Do you have a tip for me? I would love to hear what you do to stay a little greener!  

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