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Thursday, March 21, 2013

This and That

       Welcome Welcome!

This week brought us to per-registration for my daughters school. YEA! That, I also found out 3 or her 4 friends wont be continuing with us is a huge bummer and the 4th is undecided. I am super bummed about that and now considering changing schools so she will have a larger class.

This week also brought us a possible opportunity that I can't really share yet. However, it puts us in a state of the unknown. Limbo. I hate limbo. I am a planner. Very logical minded and I have to have plans to function... I am not sure when that happened in my life... but it is very true. I deal with change well, but I have to have a plan of attack!

This week I also made a very costly and time consuming error while working on a different project.... yes... I deleted my album where I store my images for this blog. Do you know how many images I put into my posts! Each with a link to a website or vendor page.... That has had me staying up late, and working early to reset everything, and still get all my client work done! I certainly didn't have the time to spend on a project like that this week!

This would be why I am not including images on this post this week...I really wanted to showcase my FANTASTIC new purse and 2 new mug hugs from Zeeuh... but I haven't been able to slip them into the studio yet... that means I will have to work this weekend to get caught up! It will be totally worth it because Alicia does GREAT work and you should really check out the awesome items she made for me!

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  1. Found you thru Aloha Friday Blog hop ~ looks like a fun Blog - will look around at your shop too!