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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Setting Expectations

As in any business when you deal with products or services I find setting expectations plays an important role. While we are starting off March with a focus towards the home product photographer I really wanted to lay down some expectations. Much like my dilemma with wedding photography, I don't believe everyone should do their own product photography. However, I know many are forced to (or feel they have to) because of they types of products they offer, or because they are doing mostly custom works... or honestly they might just be to hard to ship and they don't know anyone else around them that would help.

So, this month, and maybe into April I am going to  present to you...
  • What makes a good product image
  • Do my best to debunk photo myths about the best time to shoot
  • Explain why light matters
  • Provide guides and solutions working with natural light
  • Provide a guide (maybe two) working with additional lights
  • Talk about backgrounds, what works best and where you can find them
  • Talk about camera choices and how to get the most with what you have
  • Explain watermarking and metatags to protect your images
  • Show the difference working with a phone vs a camera
  • Perspective and Posing
  • Explain compression and resizing and saving your images
  • Answer additional Q's with a wrap up Q and A 
In truth this is a lot of time and effort for me, and I hope you each take to heart that I do this because it is a passion that I feel everyone should have the knowlage to do better.

Product Photography for shop and blog owners is a prime portion of my business. When I tell you that I debate about posting a lot of this, it isn't because I am greedy or that I want you to give me your business... at the end of the day I REALLY want people to do better, and have better photography skills. However, I can type a bazillion product photography guides, heck there are probably more then that already out there...but if you don't invest in good equipment, learn lighting, learn composure, learn editing, invest in the time you will simply be doing yourself and your shop a disservice. Look at your competitors? If you are not showcasing yourself at least AS GOOD as they are, if not better... then your quality, and everything else that sets you apart might be going overlooked.

You need to decide, is it worth it to you to invest in these things and the time to do it right, or are you better at doing what you do and finding a different alternative to shooting the images yourself? If your open to alternatives then you should talk to me. I might be able to help, or I will be able to point you in the right direction to be able to find someone in your area who can help!

After all I can write until I am blue in the face, but it wont make you a better photographer. Only you can choose to do that.. and some people no matter what kind of crazy money they spend on equipments, lessons or anything else will never be able to do THIS type of photography. It is different then kids, landscapes and everything else. Because that is the nature of photography!

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