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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Product Image

What makes a "good" product image? What makes one striking? What stops someone and makes them say, "Oh yes! I want that!"

Crafty Gal Creations

When I started this blog I posted a similar tip post about product photography. However, not knowing very much about blogs I didn't execute that post very well - I don't think. I guess it is good that so few of you read it! So what better time to revisit and clarify a few points then this month right?!

First, regardless if your a serious business owner, or dabble with online stores, or are a blogger your images in many cases your online impression is the first people see of you. The images on your website, shop,or blog are going to be what they notice. It will speak to your sincerity and professionalism as much as to the quality of your product.Without the ability to feel, touch, taste or otherwise interact with your product your image has to tell them everything the need to know about it.

So what makes an amazing product image?
  • Focus and Clarity 
  • Placement and Details 
  • Lighting and Quality of Image
  • Perspective and Angles
  • Backgrounds
  • Consistency
In doing some searching about how I wanted to approach this topic I found several great posts from others talking about what makes great product photography like this one. While I only skimmed over it, most seems along the same vein of what I would say so I don't mind linking it up. What you will notice, and more importantly why I linked it for you to look at, is that in most every case... the backgrounds are solid (if not solid white) they are seamless and clean without clutter. You can't see an edge or a horizon line, there are very little shadows, and none of them harsh or on the product itself. They have consistency. Even the T-shirt company you notice its the same guy, roughly same pose, same cropping and perspective so each shirt is highlighted for it's differences and you tend not to look at him much at all. 

This is where you want to be. Consistent. Quality. Showcasing your items and people being able to see the quality of work, materials and your product... not distracted with shadows, poor editing or worse... trying to figure out WHAT that product is! Nothing makes me more sad then when I stare at an item in a shop and think... what IS that!?

You tell me.. what image would you click on to learn more about? Do you think one image represents the artist and shop better?

Crafty Gal Creations

Chances are if you saw the second phone charm image in my clients shop, you would click it and see several other images of the same product. I provide each of my clients with several images that they can choose from for each product, so that not only can they offer a full image and detail images... but they can also go from an every day item, to a holiday item by replacing an image, or simple refresh the look if something isn't selling to bring new attention to it, without having to send it for new photography! ( I am told by several clients that changing images, and having seasonal images to use gets them showcased more often in treasuries)

I have one last part of the equation to add. While writing this post it occurred to me what most shop owners don't have at their disposal and without it your images (even my images) tend to suffer.

You can be the best artist in the world, but know your limitations... if you don't understand f-stops, types of lenses, cameras, lighting... and all things that play into great product images including the time to do it right... please let someone else take on the project! I have said it before and I will say it over and over.... Do what you do best... and let a professional (or even an experienced friend do it for you) This will save you a huge amount of time and energy, not to mention increase your sales! 

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