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Friday, August 30, 2013

What our Clients Say: Melli's Yarn Works

I want to start this off by saying how much I loved working with Candy. I have always enjoyed looking at her pictures, and seeing all her amazing pictures made me happy when she extended her photography services for my items!
After some thought I decided my loom knit items would benefit far more in being photographed professionally. Being that they’re so much bigger than jewelry, they have been a challenge for me to photograph.

So into a large box they went, ready to be photographed! Hats, scarves, wrist warmers, all into one giant box.

I waited to hear what Candy would say. I’m always slightly afraid my items won’t be loved, or liked. However, the day she received them she told me they were awesome and she couldn’t wait to photograph them!

She was very quick in photographing the items. She is extremely thoughtful and creative when taking pictures, she even had a special model up to show off my scarves!
"Melli" Verte's  Mannequin was designed and made her debut just for Melli's Yarn Works

 I had HUNDREDS of pictures to look through at the end. I might be exaggerating but each one of my items had at least 10 shots. And she even let me see them as she fixed them! They were brilliant, and she always asked my opinion, whether I was happy with them or wanted anything fixed.

Of course with her brilliant skills I don’t think I asked for anything to be changed!

I have to mention the ease of her website. Brief pause in my epic story. Her site allowed me to view the pictures as she posted them. I also goofed off and looked around her site at her past work and other awesome things :) 

And on top of these fantastic images, she watermarked them for me! As a shop owner, I do the entire process myself usually. Make the item, photograph. Edit and watermark. Post picture. Make listing. Share listing. So much work! But Candy was able to cut my work in half!

I got my products back incredibly fast. I believe it was under two weeks, maybe even just a week! Along with the items tucked back into their protective sandwich bags was a CD with all the pictures so that I would have my own copy.

Overall, I had an amazing experience working with her. My items were brought to life with her photography and my store looks so much better! She even modeled for me! How many of you can tell me your photographer modeled your items for you?!

I am extremely happy with her work and working with her. I highly recommend Verte Photo to everyone who needs photography help or wants their products to look incredibly epic. I’m going to be getting ready to talk to her about photographing another batch of my products because they just need it!
Melli's Yarn Works Store
Melli's Trinkets
Melli is part of the Indie A-list, all product images were provided by Verte Photography. Melli is the owner of both Melli's Yarn Works and Melli's Trinkets. You can learn more about her from her blog at http://mellistrinkets.blogspot.com/

Client reviews are posted without any editing done by myself, all opionins and comments are made by the author and they receive no compensation from me for providing this feedback.

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