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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation Bumps

I bet you were wondering if I simply ran away!

Nope... I got back from our "vacation" last week and have been getting caught up in the office. Since we moved a week prior (what was I thinking) we had more then a few bumps in July. But now were back at it, and working on getting the office, studio... and house unpacked and organized, before our getaway weekend and school starting later this month!!

I am hoping to share with you some of the fun things we did, and the great families I was able to meet up with - since this wasn't just a vacation, but I spent loads of time toting around the camera bag and out in the hot Colorado sun shooting families, seniors and kids... it was a blast! The people I spent time with are truly the best, they wait all year for me to visit, and I LOVE them for it!

We did get out and enjoy some fun things that CO has to offer - and I will be sure to post a little about those places - because I highly recommend them if your visiting!

Just hang in with me in the next couple of weeks as I sort images, and work to get out disks to clients who have already been waiting 2 weeks for previews. I have to take care of them before I start "posting" any in depth topics again!

For now, enjoy whatever time you have left for this summer!
Happy Shooting!

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