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Monday, October 22, 2012

And the Winner IS.....

If you remember when I first started this blog I offered an UNBELIEVABLE $100 product photography gift certificate prize giveaway. If you have been with us since the beginning you know that Kim over at Chronically Kim - The Queen of overdoing won that prize. She was so sweet and excited and after looking at her designs in her shop at Bluebird Bijoux Designs I was equally thrilled! I couldn't wait to do some killer photography for her shop!

After talking to Kim, I learned that she was looking at opening a sweet shop, and wanted to know if she could use her credit for that... I must admit I did a little happy dance! Not only would I get to do some great photography, help out a new shop opening... but I would also get to be one of her taste testers as well!!!! YUMMMM-O

Kim, over-doing it yet again, has put together some rather scrumptious treats! As I sit enjoying my coffee I have pulled out my box of "goods" now that the shoot is over and I get to enjoy them... all by myself! *happy dance* - now it wouldn't be very polite of me to have coffee with you and not show you some of these treats, now would it! Here are a few from the product shoot I did for her shop.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip... super sweet and everything you love about both!

Key Lime Spritz - These are delicate and just enough key lime flavor to remind you of Key West!

Chocolate Crinkles- This is a serious tie for BEST cookie ever! Its like the best brownie ever... only a cookie!

Covered Pretzel Rods- I had this with my coffee and seriously I want a TUB of these! This one has a layer of caramel then chocolate, then drizzled chocolate... so sweet, salty, gooey... GOODNESS!

I have to tell you... heavenly does come to mind! Plus, since I am not much of a baker - I know have a connection for those treats for school bake-sales, and presents... and I can NOT tell you how excited that makes me!!!!

Plus, added bonus for both Kim and myself, even with creating some custom props - which will ONLY be used for her shop, photography, edits, watermarking and all.. She STILL has $$ left over with me for MORE photography! (and that means I should be getting more goodies as well!)

I am going to finish my coffee... and maybe two or three more samples! But, if you liked these photos - do me a favor and check out Kim's new shop it opens TODAY, and I know you will LOVE her treats! 


  1. Just want to say that the photos make me want to reach into the screen and eat the cookies right out of it. Your photography of these sweet treats capture their amazing-ness and I can say that because I've had them too! Definitely a delicious shop with so many delicious goodies!

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE you!!!! I've been trying to get on the computer all day to do some sort of work and it just didn't work like I wanted it to...stupid laptop! LOL!

    Thank you so much for showcasing me and my business!

    You are one heck of a photographer! I'm so happy to have met you through Kristina and can't wait to work with you some more!


  3. Thanks ladies! Kim, it was truly my pleasure to work with you and your products! I am LOVING the way they look in your shop! Can't wait to place my order!