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Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome Stalker!

If you caught my post about the new coffee swap I am participating in, you know I am trying hard to give my "stalker" some good information about who I am and what I like... other then coffee and photography, so they can find the "right" mug for me!

So I thought a get to know you post would be fun!

Most people don't know that I was terrified to fly for years. I self medicated in the bar prior to flights and wouldn't talk to flight attendants prior for fear that I would be so drunk they would keep me off the plane! As part of my "conquer my fears" year. Where I spent time looking into why and what I was afraid of in my life, I took a fear of flying class online. Then had a friend take me up in a little Cessna - whew.... if you have never heard the "Eric the Pilot" spoken word by Henry Rollins (yes the guy from Black Flag, and Rollins Band) you should in order to understand when I say... this plane is a JOKE... like the little "wind gods" have to give it a push to get it off the ground! But I survived! Plus, I felt like if I could do that - I could finally do something I have always wanted to do .... SKYDIVE! So up I went... luckily in a larger plane. With a great instructor named Tom, and jump we did!

<flight image, will update with image when I scan it>

While I don't think of myself as "adventurous" but I did love skydiving and would do it again. I would also rock climb, surf, scuba dive, snorkle... in fact I plan on taking swim lessons to get over my fear of water on my face in order to accomplish those.

I do love photography. It has been my steady income, and family for all of my adult life. I was told once you have it in your blood you never get rid of it. Must be the chemicals.

While I take nature photos to document trips.. I don't consider myself a nature photographer. I am studio trained, and prior have done countless weddings, portraits and pets. Currently I am focused on product images because I see so many poor images in shops and I JUST WANT TO HELP! Plus, they are easy for me to do when my schedule allows not when its convenient for my clients family to get together - which is typically weekends or evenings. I can still have time for my family, and enjoy our weekend outings and nights together ourselves! While I offer custom backgrounds, as well as clean or "staged" shots... this is an example of my product work... clean, simple... and letting the product be showcased.
Cell Phone Charm - Compliments of CraftyGalCreations.etsy.com

Other things about me... I LOVE to cook... I have ALL the gadgets. I am a FOODtv-aholic there isn't a Rachael Ray book, magazine or tv show that I don't have, or have seen.  I have been getting into a lot more "ethnic" styles and flavors lately. Exploring more curry's, and different spices. However, let me clarify I am in no way a baker... I am not a perfectionist and how to correctly use measuring cups and spoons eludes me, apparently.

As for my personal style... I love funk. Here is the sample of what I was thinking of doing my office chair in... hopefully I can still find it in the store. It represents me fairly well. Not overstated, not too busy, but with  funk qualities. 

Oh and don't forget the obvious hint about Verte (green in french) I LOVE green both the color and the concept. Recycled, reclaimed, re-purposed... all great ideas!

While I wrote this for my fun mug project, I hope all of you enjoyed learning some personal things about me!

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