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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Mug!

Coffee Mug Swap

I am super excited to show off my mug! It was a fantastic reveal!
First, I am going to say I let it sit on my product desk and stare at me for several days while I was not shooting... yes I showed some restraint as I WAS going to wait until today... so it would be a super big surprise... but knowing how busy I am Monday mornings... I went ahead and did the unveiling a day early so I could spend my time writing about it this morning!

I am also going to send a quick disclaimer with my photographs today... I have decided that setting up my studio, and watermarking every image every time I do a quick shot for this blog... will indeed be the death of me! To that end, I have made the executive decision to always use the same custom background, and natural / available light for these images instead. So... if you see a shadow, or no watermark... that's why... I'm just trying to get it done quickly so I can get back to sharing with you!

Here is the box.... as it stared at me for days....

Once I busted out the scissors I made short work of the tape and box... but WOW there was a LOT of tape!!!! I opened to find first thing the cutest little note inside... hand made... and ADORABLE!

Inside it said...
"So glad we could be partnered for the mug swap. I chose it because you seem to enjoy nature photography and animals. I also shose it because "verte" is french for green (but I'm sure you know that :) ) I hope you enjoy it! Nice to meet you, Jen

AWWW can I tell you I was busting to get this package unwrapped now! So sweet of Jen to dig around and learn a few things about me! and yes... I do know Verte is french for green! That is so the reason I choose the name! Exotic right! 
So... right up my alley I find it wrapped in re-cycled bags  LOVE THAT...

And Finally.... MY MUG!
A Green Elephant! Super adorable! and I LOVE the legs!!!

But not as much as a LOVE the....

So a big shout out and THANK YOU to my lovely mug sender!
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Also thanks to the hosts of this great swap!
and for the linkups!


I also wanted to send a big hug to the woman that I got to know and I hope she is enjoying her new mug, even though I took some liberty and a big chance with my idea of a mug for hers! I have very much enjoyed learning more about Heather and I really hope you take this time to do the same!

Blog: www.heatherlyloves.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeatherMKJ
Instagram: http://followgram.me/heatherkaluf/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/HeatherKaluf/

When your drinking your coffee this morning... enjoy ladies!


  1. Yay, SO glad you like it and it got to you in one piece! I am a compulsive over-taper, but it looks like you were eventually able to open the package. ;)

    Enjoy and so nice to meet you once again! :)

  2. Your hysterical! I kept thinking... what more tape!? But I love it so much! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so very much for my mug, you sure nailed it! You also gave it great thought with it being a travel mug... Since I am always on the go.
    BTW, love the mug you got from Jen. ;)

  4. What a great mug! Thanks for participating in the mug swap!

  5. OMGosh that is fab! hahaha I'd want to keep singing nelly the elephant everytime I went to have a drink :) x

  6. btw!
    I am hosting a coffee mug swap this Thursday!
    Would love for you to join in on the fun ;)

    1. I would love to Heather! Marking my calendar now!

  7. haha...that is AWESOME! I adore the tail, still giggling...and great write up too!
    LOVE your blog header...

    Have a super week


    1. Oh thanks Dawn! The Kodak camera that is shown on the blog header, was actually the one my Grandfather used for many years... so it is extra special!