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Friday, September 21, 2012

Comfort Food

You know that rule... don't grocery shop when your hungry... it should apply to violently angry as well.  Apparently there might be something to that "emotional eater" thing I have heard so much about. 

For the first time in years I found myself wondering the snack isle, desperately looking for something "comforting" that I didn't have to cook myself. It's been a rough month for us personally... so I just wanted a little something for me. 

While I picked up some horribly bad for you goodness, I also found myself reverting back to a popular comfort food that I learned about a few years ago.  Chilaquiles. If you have never had these... YOU MUST try them! There are a ton of ways you can prepare this... mine is a complete "fast fix" 
1. Tortilla Chips (make your own, or buy them... up to you)
2. 1 can of Green Enchilada sauce (personally I think brands count here, so I use the one with the green label in the ethnic section of the store)
3. Eggs (omit if you don't like, but this adds to the rich flavor, esp if you cook over easy)
4. Feta or a Salty Mexican Crumbly cheese ( I typically have feta on hand so I use that, but I am currently making it with different Mexican versions to find a flavorful yummy one!)

Really all you do is fry your egg(s)
I put them on a plate and use the same pan to warm my chips, then I pour the sauce over them and let it bubble up a bit (soaking the chips) put that on the plate and top with crumbled cheese..... 

There is a little vinegar taste from the sauce, creamy richness from the egg, salt from the cheese... and gooey love overall... I am telling you - hangover, or comfort... you will LOVE this... by the way... its going to be dinner tonight as well... because well.. thats the week I had! 

What's your go to comfort food?

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  1. I have far too many comfort foods to be honest. I am SUCH an emotional eater.

    I love ravioli though - from a tin with bread or toast :)