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Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Ok: 1-10

Today... it's ok

That my office is a disaster zone
That my Christmas tree has been naked for a week but hasn't been taken to recycling yet.
That I STILL haven't mailed holiday cards... I really need to do this.
That I have yet to purchase a 2013 Calendar
and really truly it's ok that I didn't get all of my posts done for my Jan series yet, because I took 2 hours to visit with a really good friend and her adorable baby instead of working yesterday!

Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the moment.


  1. That is right, enjoying the moment is sometimes the most important thing in life.

    Amanda @3lilapples a new follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup

  2. Enjoying the moment is definitely sometimes the better thing to do! I bought holiday cards but didn't fill them out or mail them this year, and I haven't gotten a 2013 calender yet either

  3. Playing with friends and adorable babies is certainly more fun, I think!

    I haven't gotten a new 2013 calendar either...I think I'm just going to use my phone until further notice. lol.