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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Beauty of Light

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy


 Technical know-how is not everything when it comes to photography. It is possible for anyone to take a snapshot... it is the few who can transcend that and create magic. Transporting you to a world beyond, creating art, telling the story, and capturing your attention. In today's fast paced, where images (and advertising) is everywhere... your brain is bambared with images.

 So what is it that grabs your attention? What set's images apart?

Completely stepping out of my wheel house this week, I have been talking a lot about age, and beauty and how we perceive ourselves and what we find attractive in others. I think this same rules apply to photography. What captures one persons attention is not always what another will enjoy, or even what we enjoy about ourselves. You can set two photographers down on the same street corner and each will utilize their eye, style, and camera showing you a different scene.

Personally, I think lighting is what first grabs me about a good image. It could be a beach photo, or a portrait... even product photography. If it has interesting light, or balanced light I look... it draws me in for a second glance.


Let's take our good friend the "button" from Little House of Crafting. A bright red, simple button that is one of the hardest things to photography and grab your attention - because it's simple. Plus, it's incredibly hard to shoot because its red, small and reflective. Seriously... take photos of red things, its tough! But it is the prime of how to utilize your light to create interest and capture a simple beauty. The side lighting here catches on the rounded edges and creates a soft bracket effect on the subject matter. It creates a "pop". It also produces a solid black background so all you see is the subject.

Not a believer? The same effect is found here...
I wish I knew who to give photo credits to on this image! Please tell me!!!!
I wish I knew who to give photo credits to on this image  - Please tell me!
Yes! I totally know... it's my newest crush - I had this in the line of images from Tuesday's post but it fit so much better here! Besides, isn't your day better with a little bit of eye candy?

The same side lighting was used to highlight and drop other parts of the image to shadow, so your eye is draw to the subject the photographer wants to showcase. "POP"

Lighting is KEY for bringing beauty, and your subject to the forefront of your images!

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