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Friday, February 21, 2014

Seeing the Light

The quality of your light, sets the mood for your images.

By knowing the type of light you are shooting in, you can change the mood and look of your images! Above you will note the warm, orange and yellow tones that really pop in this dry field of grass. That is because we took the shot about an hour before sunset when the light is the "warmest". Do you remember our Kelvin guide? Here it is again, this shows the temperature rating of the different types of light. This also dictates what color of light is captured by your camera, even though you might not be able to see it in your eye!

As a good contrast, The background here is grey, it's cement on a staircase. However, it shifts to blue because we were shooting in the shade. Personally I love it, and didn't change my WB (white balance) because I like that the background makes her eyes pop more.

By being aware of when and what type of light you have available you can create some really amazing and striking images! It's all about working with your environment, rather than hiding from it!

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