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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat is a Krmbal t-shirt design that I was fortunate enough to have in the studio last week. I specifically shot these two examples because I wanted you to be able to see just how hard it is to get the "right" shot with red. This is doubly tough because it had gold imprinting. Make no mistake the quality on the shirt is AMAZING! I was super impressed!

Having the correct exposure on any image is important. Understanding what exposure is, and how to manipulate your camera settings and environment (ie, light) around you will take you from having some snapshots to have some amazing images. You can see on the image above that the difference in how my lights were set - adds shadows, and highlights that are distracting in this image. It also makes the gold go slightly red... which really detracts from the beauty of this shirt. You can't really see the detail and brightness of the reflective gold.

When you shoot red, be sure to work with your light and aperture to acquire the right balance for your subject. Regardless if it is for product or people, if your shooting red you need to be EXTRA mindful of your exposure and lighting in order to get the image that you will LOVE!

I would be remiss in my duties as an Indie shop lover and supporter if I also didn't share with you some highlights about Krmbal - Owner and Designer Tessa is a self appointed "apparel nerd" which cracks me up and speaks to my inner geek. I copied just a bit from her website because she does such a fab job of telling you EXACTLY why I love this shop!

I wanted to take back my t-shirt! I wanted another option, a BETTER option. So I did it. I struck out, with the support of a lot of people and krmbal was born. I hope you’ll join me in standing up for being as eco-conscious as possible, giving back to our communities, both on a local and global level and be as proud to wear krmbal as I am to make it. 

To shop Krmbal follow any of the links above, or click here for a direct link to her shop! 

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