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Monday, November 25, 2013

5 Gifts for Photography Lovers under $50

5 gifts, each one under $50! Say What!?
You heard me! These are not your run of the mill suggestions
If you think your photogrpahy lover has everything - here are some funky fun finds 
that will prove you wrong!

This wristband is inspired by different lens... and it's just super cute for a $10 and under gift!

Tiny lenses that are really shot glasses! ADORABLE!
Plus they could hold fun things like your media cards on your desk, rubber bands... whatever!
Coming in under $20

Not a drinker? How about these for the more "family Friendly" option under $20!

Buy the The Camera Cookie Cutter Set at the Photojojo Store!

Rolling in under $40 is this BAMBOO Solar charger
It will charge your cell phone from Sun power... anywhere!
(ok.."camera phone".. whatever I still love it!)

And perhaps at the top of my list for photojunkies, this Ring Flash Adapter.
If your loved one (or you) enjoy macro photography or portrait style work this is something you will LOVE! It converts your speedlight to a ring flash... creating a soft light, reducing shadows and
lighting those macro shots with ease. It's TOTALLY on my list!
And for only $40 it should be on yours also!!!!

Buy the The Ring Flash Adapter at the Photojojo Store!

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