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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Survivor Tips to Traveling with a Kid.

 I tell you I LOVE road trips... always have!
I was easier before the family... me, a friend... the open road.

I think it reminds me of when we were young, Dad would load us up in the red Ford truck... no matter where we where, there always seemed to be a red Ford truck in our lives. Funny. We would survive on warm Coke, melted Hershey bars... oh the good ol'days... before I knew what calories and real chocolate tasted like!

In my 20's I spent a lot of time driving with the music blaring, windows down... and sunglasses on.

Now, road-trips or traveling in general has taken a whole different spin. Sure I go old school with maps not GPS, and I still bring some tunes to rock out to.. and snacks... MMMM snacks... but they tend to be more like grapes, pretzels, trail mix, water...

I also tend to have a passenger now... the bug. Who, by the way... used to get car sick. YUM. So, I thought rather then writing to you about all those travel tips you hear about all the time... I would share a few tips for traveling with a kid who does (or might) get car sick. Here are the things everyone should pack... and know... but no one ever tells you!

1. Wear a tank top under your clothes. This is extra special if your in tight quarters such as a plane when the vomit starts flying... so much easier to change (pack extra shirts (for both of you)in your carry on, or easily stored so you can change in your car) if you don't have to carry a sick kid to the tiny restroom... covered in yuck.

2. Plastic bags are your friend. Not only do they easily separate toys, or games as you travel, keep markers and other activities easy to reach... but you can put trash, or vomit covered items in them, zip them closed... and presto... smell contained.

3. Bring along Vinegar. Ok, TSA not approved. But a little spray bottle inside your toiletries bag is hardly looked at twice and kills the smell, while helping to clean seats, tray tables, car seat covers and seat belts. Extra towels when your in your own car is super nice as well!

4. Ginger Cookies. If your packing snacks anyways, bring these along. It's nice and dry, and the ginger helps to calm tummies. Keep plenty of water around as well, it will keep the kiddo hydrated as well as providing relief from the spice.

5. Skip the Milk. Now, maybe it was just us... but it seemed like Milk+Travel (of any kind even across town)+ Heat = DISASTER. Once I stopped offering milk (milk products of any sort) on days I knew we would be traveling, like to see Great Grandpa 300+ miles away.. my life got a lot easier! We would have Soy or Almond milk with our breakfast, even carring a bottle with me when we moved across country so we would have it at the Hotels. On times when I followed this rule we NEVER had an issue with being car sick. 

Many kids get sick from looking out the window while traveling so if you can keep them entertained with activities inside the car, so much the better, we tried to keep her in the middle seat so she could look out the front whenever possible - did it help? Eh, maybe... it certainly didn't hurt.

Now that she's older, we have grown out of most of it... but I still follow these rules... I had a VERY hard flight to San Diego one year... and now I am more prepared. 
Plus, I can help someone else out and pay things forward if it ever comes up!

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